About Hopebuilding

Welcome to the Hopebuilding blog! I created it in order to share my thinking about locally-led development and peacebuilding – thinking that has grown from what people in many countries have shared with me about their work.

I have been collecting stories of locally-led achievement and sharing them on Hopebuilding wiki since 2006, believing that reading such stories would inspire others living elsewhere to do the same thing. Recently, I concluded that it was not enough just to share these stories – I also needed to show how these stories formed a basis for a new approach to international development and peacebuilding. That is what I hope to do here.

A little about me: I hold a Master’s degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding, have been an election administrator in Canada and an election observer in Africa and eastern Europe, and have worked in and evaluated international development projects and community development activities. As part of my research on locally-led peacebuilding, I spent time asking local people in a number of countries what they did to build and sustain peace after conflict. They taught me a great deal about practical peace and development.



One thought on “About Hopebuilding

  1. How do these stories help us appreciate a new approach to international development?

    Carne Ross writes in his book ‘The Leaderless Revolution’ “the answer to the personal and collective crisis is in fact the same. And it is simple. It is embodied in one word: Agency. Agency over events -the feeling of control- it is a gross absence in the contemporary condition. Capturing it is available through one simple mechanism: action. We lack control and we need to take it back. Evidence and research are now suggesting that the most important agent of change is ourselves. In one stroke the prevailing notion that the individual is impotent in the face of the world’s complex and manifold problems is turned on its head.”

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